You beg for indifference
With all of your might
While teasing the insistence
That fulfills your life
Your fears of resistance
Continue to fight
Sightless truth

You seem so sufficient
Inspection has proved
Your consequence calling
It home to entomb
You say youíve grown tired
But youíre too un-tuned
To be known

Yet I know the truth
You forbid to reveal
A revelation disappointing
Unraveling to peel
Denial to ribbons
Expecting to steal
What you say

Do you live the torment
That you meant for me
Forgetting you swore it
As mine if you please
Anticipate someone
To finally amend
Your Hearts Shine

Scattered amongst
All the Loves youíve cut loose
Lingers the litany
Of excuses youíve used
To rewrite the history
So it misconstrues
Your Hearts Shine

Conflicting exhibits
Muddle absentee lines
Contradicting the mantra
Pronouncing you kind
Speechless you fly
Deceit within guile
As your truth

I think you to say
This is better for me
But itís clearly intended
To be better for you
Your slothfulness saddles
My unreturned question
As Doubt

Was it always a lie
Was I asking too much
Am I too small a mind
Too pedestrian and such
A novelty too worn
After your several trials
To keep on

There can be no closing
There can be no adieu
So if my insistence
Reflect me a fool
I feel it your duty
To submit to ensue
My slighted quest

Yet oddly I wish
For you all is well
And all my good will
Distinctly entails
I longing to once again
Feeling the way
Your Heart Shines

April 11th, 2005