When a person looks back from the last half of life
At all the shouldaís And the might-of-beenís,
Itís too late for maybeís, why didnít I, or shame me,
Iíd never want to do that again.

Because none of it matters!
After each moment passes you never have that moment again.
For, where it did take you and what it did make you
Is part of every moment you have ever been, and will be in.

All that Iíve touched, and all that touched me,
All these intersects in my ball of time,
Will ripple and echo through all eternity from this earthly existence of mine.

So for good and for bad, for all that, Iím glad, and grateful for my life and times.
But Iíll still be remorseful, repentant and sad for any pain and hurt at my hand.

For those too will ripple and trickle through time
Amongst every deed and word of mine
So I pray at my Judgment the scales that when balanced
Will tilt more on goodnessí side

I donít know where all the time has gone to.
But I sure do know where it has been.
I donít know what might have turned out different
If all I know now I knew then.
Sure, I look back and sometimes I wonder about all the might-of-beenís.
When I see all the places where my life did take me,
Iíd do it all the same way again

It is my hope that my final farewell will find few joyous over my passing.
And the consensus will be that all who knew me
Feel I left them with joy and love Everlasting!