When a new heart was still young
And love was still so new,
Few hearts are so deeply touched
And so forever moved.
So moved, that all then fared this way
Would never quite ring true
In what was felt as being love
As recognized in you. 

But what was passed along the way
And what was brought along?
Desires of on older day
And dreams that then went wrong.
The things you can persuade yourself
So you never face the truth.
Then is that truth the unfeigned truth
Or somewhat just as wrong?

This soul has always seen the place
Where it's appointment stands.
But the heart was not prepared
To see that journey's end.
And when it grew to stand this test
The trace along this way
Was noted with the crusts you left

Of motives I can't say.

Are these crusts left here to see
To nurture so he'd know.
Or are they merely left aside
To see what line he'd go.
And if not left to steer the way
Left as a test or trial?
And if that's so, why such a test

What do you wish to try??

Sometimes both sides seem to be played
And neither do you take.
Or are you trying to help a friend
Not make his worst mistake?
And if that's so what do you lack
To bring him face to face
Instead pulling him around
By his heart from place to place.

And if not so, are you straight up,
And sure of what you leave
Along his way to truth in heart,
Is what you really mean.
How can he tell what's true and not
If mere thoughts are left as truth?
When for so long he's fought and lost
The lies embraced as truth?

This may be just too much to ask
But won't be hard to take.
Because the truth already found
Is harder yet to face.

So much so, there'd be no surprise

That what he's seen and faced
Was thought to be eternal love
Is just an empty space.

If he has been so wonderfully
Lying to himself.
And in that lie lead five along
What more could bring him death.
It would seem that what you try
Would be no less a truth.
Would that you mislead him?
Would that you be truth?

So here it is.
Here I am.
Here's my heart.
What's your plan?
Just a thought
Placed out of hand?
What A Heavy Cross
To hand a man.