The hills of life call out to life
And speak of things to be
They speak of joys they speak of strife
And speak on things between.
It’s on the highs and deepest lows
That bring us in between
To a meadows rest,
perhaps you’ve known
The strength gained from repose.

The journey we embark upon
Might be a meadow’s row
And never there beset with joy
The highs reflect in lows.
It's true it's not so hard a go
But there you would never know
The breadth of all the highs and lows
Or the mastery spawned in stride.

So I will travel ever on
Along the path I take,
I know not where, or just how long.
This is not termed by fate.
It’s all that I can make of it
And what it makes of me.
For I will celebrate the marks
This journey leaves on me.

Beneath my feet, upon my heart,
And deep within my bones,
These winding lanes with many shards
Stripe life onto my soul.
Thus makes the beauty of this life
Just what will make me more.
What more might there be found in life?
What more might be in store?

Unfolding for eternity
This journey still unfolds.
And I believe that we will find
The best will still be told.
For have we not paid shamelessly
For all we’ve come to be?
And that must surely be what draws
Me always back to thee.

And where it wends I cannot see
Nor do I care to know.
There’s so much here right
now for me
(Such as the path I go).
And if that path might me to thee
I pray that it is so.
It is the path I now embark
And we’ll just have to see.

April 4, 1994