Such a gift were you to us and still so continue.
Unfamiliar then were the depths you possessed and then protectively camouflaged.
While your complexion fought so within you, struggled from our hollow cube to dislodge.
(As have I, and do pray for you.)
It is your being with which I'm in reverence.

Odd, you see, that two as we seek the same study in such nearly same time.
For one to be Borne of me and unequally the gift I've become,
You alone can be the antipathy or the benefit of your own love. 

Only now to understand, while still in quest, do I know just what this be.
Only now is such here.
For this, I am thankfully blessed.

Seeking the self so shamelessly denied, is the sole consumption of conscious without thought.
It exists in familiar and frequently seen reflections.
Not of the self obsessed by others, but the inceptive possessed in you.
I cannot lend to conform it (even though I have), but now attend and nurture.
What I allowed for me, I did for you, and so here we are.
What I allow for me is here for you, and there might you be.
For it is a time we both struggle for our self.

You are so very much, and truly, a Princess.
So much more than I could suppose when I christened you so.
And so you will be to all.

April 24, 1995