I hear no whispers in your silence
Nor do I see your shadow or shade.
Theyíve been lost within the ruins
Of the sheer emptiness youíve made.

I no longer see your likeness,
Youíve turned away instead
Collecting up all of the kindness
And delightfulness you spent.

Itís not as unfair as it is so unkind
Your spinelessness won't even say never mind
Has what Iíve known been an anguished illusion
Or even worse, a feeble delusion

Deep in the murk of another dawn
Your uninvited remembrance creeps 'round
And in the flash of that thrill when I see you
Shatters the brittle empty heartbreak sound

Exile the memory that clutters days light
This fiend hidden within slumber dark
Should fade, expelled, and that would suffice
To finally have you out of my heart

But my heartís no good at rejection
Even if you deny your election
Our hearts did not make this selection
I cannot bestow you denunciation