In some ways Iím nearly twice the man
I was on the day that we wed,
In others, Iím no longer a man
And Iím sorry that those things are dead.

I believed that you truly loved me
The same way I always love you,
For your changes I feel I have taken in stride.
And so very love the evolving you

But the changes in me, clearly have not
Met your heart in quite the same way.
You show all the signs of a longing
And when asked you never will say.

Yet in the few moments in passion we share
You have made it so clear to me
How much you miss what I could once do,
While longing for lovers that used to be.

I know so much of me is ailing,
Yet my desire for you does not wane..
Your excitement for me feels so muddled
For in that subject you donít feel the same.

I miss the sweet way that you kissed me,
And the impassioned way you embraced me,
And the thought as to why makes me misty..
I believe you desire to replace me!