Precious is my Love
One so intently longing purity
None exists more true

I will not conceal it again
Nor braid it into anything minor
No matter how safe it makes you appear
I will nurture it
Prune it
But nevermore deny it

How can you claim such care for me
Yet ask what you do
Without the least bit of consideration
Of what your retort to the same appeal
Would devise

You find this more preferred to assert than to undergo

Where does your advice turn
You debase my faith in this

As long as you would not
    Accept it
    Embrace it
    Revert it
    Refuse it
But don't deny it.

Once you stopped saying
You never said

And as much this word should be said never
At least "I no longer think so"
Would be kinder

Than ambivalence
Or the cowardice of neutrality