The Only
Is encountered
In chance, and happenstance
Echoed a glance.
That familiar, that allure
Known, and understood,
Connected, it's believed
It's all but solely good.

The Only

Theorized within the One.
Held, beheld,
Regarded perhaps as love.
Examined, explored, inquired,
Expressed, absorbed.
Related undiscovered
Hopefully adored.

The Only One

Consolidation of many
Composite reflections
Expectations of component desires.
Or do the hopes become dreams
Kindling knowledge, recognition.
Clarity of perception and comfortable exposure.
Otherwise - just another one.
The Truth
The Absolute Truth
Truth is Absolute
There reigns the essence
The soul

The One and Only.

Nothing guarded nor concealed.
A shared asylum.
In splendor so intimate and extreme.
His fullness,

The life of its substance,
Is fed of Him through you both.
There exists two One and Only's.
Seek the alliance of both
And each lends understanding to the other,
And of the other.

To each
To each other
In each other
Within each
Within each other.

So then does He smile.