"Just what do you see?"
Asked the Moon of the Stars
As he winked his goodnight to the Dawn.
"We see tomorrow as well as today."
Was all that they would respond.

"If you see tomorrow, please tell me today,
So that I may refrain from faux pas."
But the Stars only murmured they’re sneering retorts
And the Moon could only give pause.

"If you saw tomorrow what would become of the night
While you tried to avoid foreseen wrong?"
"Why, it would not differ
And still, what would it change
With or without my nights light?"

Right then he’d admitted what the Stars always knew
As the reason tomorrow was kept quiet.
Day after day comes to us as a way
To attend to our choices in time.

For today should be built upon yesterday
And on dreams, but not knowledge, of tomorrow.
For, what courage would it take
With tomorrow’s fate

               Directing you
Instead of faith

Through your joys and sorrows.

The Moon then gave thought to all that chance brought
To the minglings that circumstance hires
And as well he could see that it just should not be
For one to know of tomorrow.

Where would be the chance in that one passing glance
If we knew for certain what would follow.
Why, now he could see such certainty would leave
All of life void,
And hollow.