My heart grew to be a garden of love
From seeds you had planted and nurtured with honor
A bloom then bouquet became fields of delight
Changed forevermore the gift of my life
So changed the course, my hearts path became new
As I could then love and care as so few

Your softness is the gentle sweetness of morn
While your passion is matchless in love, care, and scorn.
Your conflict exists in-between mind and heart
And both you give liberally in all you impart.
These are your endowment, your genius, your light
All lacking the radiance to lighten your night.

I know I have known you since well before time
I know what you gave me had always been mine
I know so well the great depths of your soul
I know what we share is both ancient and whole
I know my heart entrusted another, and still
I know of the voids in your life I would fill

My love would meet your mornings first gaze
With a strong, yet tender, enfolding embrace
With arms always there to share moments with fate
Of triumph and heartbreak at the end of the day
To wind up playful or torrid, or a quite repose
And nevermore feel lonely even when you’re alone.
For your life is not mine furthermore nor is your living
It’s my capacity for sharing, not taking and giving

But most of these things I cannot appropriately share
So I pray you find someone since I won’t be there
And either way I know the best will be yours
Because this I do know:
This is what you deserve