Moments like mists
In the form of infinity
Acumen the heart of the fall.
His perpetuity the desire
The award so seemly
As Endowment to us all.
For all who could not
Learn by heart
The affinity we all avowed,
We who do,
Weep, exhort, and pray
To beckon siblings from the crowd.

Our own excursion is fraught
ith faltering fear
That faith cannot purge if we blind it.
Confide in His word.
Salvations frontier.
Only testimony will bind it!
Beckon the fight
Against befuddled uncertainties,
That seep from within absent light.
Wield your blade
Of truth incarnate,
To fare so well in His might.

Dimness ebbs
An imposing gloom
To challenge the light it despairs.
All of creation
Bare immaculate tones,
A sheen in all He has said.
As it shines within us
We goad darkness back
Into the chasm from where it has seeped.
This radiance we beam
Is His glory’s gleam
And the dark one so hates our achievement.