Seems so long
Since Iíve been home
I canít begin to explain
The blues my heart
Seems to bemoan
And Iíve only been gone one day.


I can tell
You miss me too.
You say I brighten your day.
Love is here,
Loveís here to stay,
It so completely consumes.


You took me,
Me and my heart,
Now all I need is your smile.
When weíre apart
Youíre not alone
My love is always with you.


I give to you
All that I have,
Feelings I just could not spare
If you knew how much I fear
Life without you and your care


Mankind always seeks love
So few ever find love.
Never find a real love.
But I Found You!


When Iím alone
I dream of you.
And all that I live
Is to be with you
Though it breaks my heart
When I see you blue
I hope that my love
Pleases you.