This might just be the right time

To tell you how I feel.

I know now, and without a doubt,

That these feelings are real.

I know where they have come from

I know where they have been.

And if I do not make sense

I'll just have to say it again.

I have never concealed them
They never have been hid.
You have seen them in nearly
Every thing that I did.
I've written of it's growing
Through out all of my past.
It's taken such a long time
But I feel I'm ready at last.


You've been the one
I've looked to to see
Someone who could feel my heart.
I realized there might be only one or two
And that I found you at the start.

I have always just seen you
As one who holds my heart.
But I just wasn't ready.
It wasn't time to start.
When I reached that decision
I felt I knew my heart.
Believing I could honor
And nurture your loving heart.

I know that you have felt it.
But do you even care?
Does it touch your amusement?
Might that thought be unfair?
But will you just accept it
As it continues to grow?
Or must you discard it?
The answer only you know.


I always felt that you were the one
But I didn't feel I was right.
But now my understanding of love and life
Have made this my hearts valiant fight.

My heart is not a mystery
You know it's every part.
Do you feel it can hold all
You need and fill your heart.
My love for you has history
That never has been stopped.
When I perhaps should have
I just wouldn't give it up.

So it's not misconception
Unless you feel it's so.
And if that's your perception
It's best I just let go.
And face my stark tomorrow's
Where I don't know where to go.
And learn to face the sorrow
Displacing your love I've known.

Do you feel that this is the right time at last?
Our paths may not cross here again.
So what do you say of the question I ask?
Is this a beginning or end?

                                   April 4, 1995