Old Friends.....
That I see in those soft memories
And the warmth I feel
Can never steal them away

Oh, Old Friends........
Little moments my heart still relives.

Reminding me
Of company that lined the darkest clouds.

If itís true what they say
If you give it away
That the love is yours to keep.
Then Iíd have to say
I must have given much away
íCause youíve given so much to me.


Old friends........
Through my worst
And my best
And still weíre friends
(And between Old Friends
Thatís what makes Old Friends so dear)


Old Friends..........
I think you all should take a bow
For the part of me

That each of you left behind.


Oh, Old Friends........
May the goodness of wealth find you all.

All that you stand in need of -
And please believe -
Thereís little more to it all.

May your Old Friends
Always never End!

Old Friends
Like you are

To me........