Thereís a place in my heart
That always been a part of you.
And If I ever start
To wonder how you got that part
Iím So Confused.

Thereís been nothing in my life
That I have ever held quite to dear.
And if I could express it
I know that Iíd confess
Iím So Confused.


The warmth you make me feel
I canít describe.
It creeps into my dreams
Until thereís no place left to hide
It moves me with such strength
I awaken and I cry
It fills me with such feeling.
I canít describe the feeling.
Iím So Confused.


Iím So Confused?
Itís not something that I show.
In my heart thereís such feelings Ė
That much I know!
But what there are
And where from did they come?
Itís been so long
And so much has been done.
Only you have ever touched me so.
Such is such love
Such that I have since not known.
Iím So Confused.


Youíve shared in my heart
And itís left a lasting mark on me.
Weíve both come do far
And still youíre in my heart,
Iím So Confused.

You hold a place in my heart
That will ever be a part of me.
And if I ever start
To wonder why you hold that part
Iím So Confused.