As we grow up
Changing faces
And we move into
Different spaces
We often loose the traces
Of the things that brought us here

What lovers past
Are friends forever
I try so hard
Not to remember
To me your greatest effort
Was to bring me from my knees 

As if you knew a secret
That I was meant to see:
My life was not to be you
My life was to be me.
But I still can’t say exactly
What it was I really felt.
We may always be together
Something like Heaven is to Hell

For all the times
We had not spoken
I wish that I were not so broken
Believing I had caused the silence
And fearing I just could not see


A child’s grief and
In thinking he’s not so important
To share the precious moments
In the hallmarks of our lives. 



So in that painful moment
(When perhaps I should have cried)
There was a foolish try to hurt you
And that you weren’t worth the time,

And yet time kept right on moving
And you moved right behind
I’m not sure there was any wrong doing.
I should just let you fall behind.

In circled paths
Our lives keep moving
Some times so wide they seem
Yet I hope to find you moving
Across my circle once again

Then perhaps
If you were to see me
Might you take a moment to forgive me
And you would see the wonders
That your guiding hands have done

I question if you’ve moved so far
You can’t recall the different dreams
Not that they’re really so important
They’re just so many things to see

May we share each others fortunes
I would love to see your smile
I used to think that you’re above me
And once I thought we were              eye to eye………