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Poetry  Lyrics

Flower Of My Heart

Angel Eyes
A Contemplation Allow This RadianceAnother Dose Of Reality Another Trial Are You Not Precious A Wish For Beth Ann As We Grow Up A Wake Before I Forget Both Ways Certainty Commence To Terminus Crossroads Constituents Dearest Janeen Don't You Wonder? Duly Serve Thyself Eminence Alone Emotion Eye to Eye Extiction In ... Spring Flag Day Going Home Happy Birthday Hello, Old Friend Hidden In The Birth Idiosyncrasy I Have To Watch You I Know You Love Me I'm Going To Miss You I'm So Confused It's Not As Unfair .... It's Only A Name I Still Believe In You Just What Do You See? Know I Know Know One No's Linda L. J. L. Lover Moth To A Flame My Unknown Heart Mr. Grins & Giggles My Heart Is Calling Music And You Never Ask Why No Nonesence No Hope Old Friends One And Only One Love (That's Right)One And Only Outcome of My Being Please Care for .... Poise Ponder Within Precious Is My Love Replace MeRevelation 222 Serenade Sarah She Cries Sleep Some Reality Some Words So Sovereign Speaking Sunny and Warm Sustained Refrain Sweet Peace Thank You The Greatest Gift The Darkest Gloom The Difference The Impotent Passion The Path The Right Time This Is Love The Oven ???? The Part Of You.... The Right Time This Too I Must Share Together Forever Thought,  Knowledge, Touch Is Thought Translucence You Found One Your Gentle Sweetness Your Heart Shines What A Heavy Cross When A Person Looks.. When I'm Alone Whispers In The Wind