I am the architect of this shrine built jointly by your parents, which each contributed of themselves in its construction.

Still, it is my design.


I am delighted with their sacrifice and labor in its creation, even if it was done so in selfishness and lust. Yet I am troubled by your lack of stewardship in its care.


You demonstrate an absence of honor for its wonder. You focus on that which you see wanting, and are blinded to all the beauty, wonder and Glory there - all that I see as the whole of my design. It is NOT wanting.


Even though you may say your parents built it with faulty workings, they did so with the provisions I gave them for this purpose. They did the best they might have with my gift even if they had mishandled or damaged it. Even if they foresaw the possibility of deficiency, they proceeded for they did not wish to dispossess you.


And if you deem that to be lacking, it is my expectation that you make the most of what it is, not what you deem that it should be. I wish for you see it as I.


It is my gift to you and I ask you to keep it safe, nurtured as best you can, and in its purpose, honor its creation. You may repair it, but

Do not modify it.

Do not poison it.

Do not neglect it.

Do not embellish it.

Do not cheat it.

Do not sell it.

Do not subvert it.

Do not abuse it.

To do so you suppose to know better than I, and in this, it is just not so.


As you use it to fulfill your Promise and Purpose, you glorify its Creation and Purpose.


And so you do of Me.


I will always be there for you with all you need to succeed and fulfill all in this life I have laid before you. If you would just ask of Me what that is, I will then aide you all the way.


And as you do this, I would offer the gift of that glory then to you.


Which is why I designed it in the first place.

   FOMH June 2005