There are words within every spoken language, throughout all of time, that in themselves posses a musical, lyrical, or even a poetic quality. They accomplish this solely through the sound created as they're spoken. Strictly, this sound, it's syllabic cadence, merit the ascension into the strata of independently lyrical words. These words are in no way bound to their language of derivation or use.

More often though, words take on an independently prevailing response that arises from an association. These can, and are, varied across all boundaries of social, artistic, personal, cultural, and general experience.

Even words such as these can be lent a more intense association by virtue of their pronunciation; A longer consonant sustain, a slight shift in the point of accent, a bending of a vowel-whispered rather than spoken, a rounding fricative, or deepening guttural attack.

These might well be a personalization directly tied to it's association.

Such is this to me, in the sound of a certain name. In fact, when this name is spoken in a certain manner, nearly every nuance of sound elicits an independent image that reflects a different facet of the person whose spoken name does launch such a powerful, emotional surge. This name can roll from the tongue in an endless array of variations, most of which lead at least mentally, and more so emotionally, directly to my associated rendering and it's cavalcade of cherished attributes

It begins with a gentle wisp, not like a snake - more so, this  is the soft warm hush a summer rain makes in a summer night. As you sort out on the porch, voraciously swallow through every breath, the incomparable rich sent of new rain and it's touch on warm earth. As this falling glitter refreshes all it touches, it touches everything, manifesting no partiality. For the rain does also have it's moods. As one is revived  another may be doused, another be immersed, and another left  in dryness. And each will feel every specific disposition in it's measure.

But it is the remembered and cherished goodness that forgets (or forgives) it's pernicious acts.

When this touch is cool and replenished, the droplets trickle down to assuage a despairing thirst.

Found then, and so longed for, giving a tempered prod to the unmoving challenge, to find then what was unseen and unknown within. First to blossom forth, wings take flight, then beauty in sight and joy in flight, is the satiety of so many.

From the soft opening of the initial susurration that slowly unfolds like a gentle long wailing cry, there then follows a breathy gradual rise and fall like the glorious strength carried in the wind as it whispers to the leaves while the leaves whisper back. This is perhaps the most beautiful song sung by the earth. Touching also all things in like demeanor (but wilt a variant display of complexion), that touched, then would bend so weakness may be seen, for the opportunity then to be strengthened. This lifts up seeds from pod to egg. Ideas and understanding then can find a space to take root and embark on a mortality of their own! Even in absolute desolation is there a unique beginning - to be strewn and crushed for it's abstinence.

There then flows an almost rough tone that spotlights the very basest of feelings and desires. For it is within all these that lend an irascible depth to the seemingly angelic qualities that can be the erroneous early expectation. This precarious pyrexia can seem contrary, or completely unnerving. An ardent reverence will inspirit the less than trivial witness of the steeping presence empowered by a libidinous essence. And what may then attend one who is welcomed....

Except then, the final utterance of this name that would surely be the final utterance of that adventuresome affiliation. The release, the wonder, the assimilation of what had just taken place.

What it literally meant. And it may well be like nothing that had been previously, and conceivably, nevermore. But whether a commencement or an emergence, it is none too inconsequential. For had it been seen and understood as such a thing, it in no way may have been at all.

All this from a simple assemblage of five letters. It is after all, only a name.

(Or, is it no longer?)

But even so, what a name it is too me.